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What’s CODE SWITCH? It’s the fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for! Hosted by journalists of color, our podcast tackles the subject of race head-on. We explore how it impacts every part of society



There is Hope

There is hope. Our local leaders have stepped up to the plate and they are doing the best that they can until they start getting Federal support. The evidence for our leaders putting lives before money lies in the fact they have canceled events that would have given cities millions in revenue. Please look at your local city website to see all of the events that have been canceled.

My heart goes out to all of the people who would have earned their daily living at the events that have been canceled, like the vendors at the Houston Rodeo, the Vendors at NBA games and NHL games, local restaurants, and hotels, etc. All of the businesses that benefit when games and conferences are in town have been drastically affected.
However, prevention is better than cure. I have tried to listen to allot the experts and they disagree on some things, but they all agree that our local Hospitals will not be able to handle a huge influx of people coming in sick because of the virus.

We can not overwhelm our Healthcare system and we can not over whelm our grocery stores. Let’s all listen to our local leaders and stay home. Let’s shop for two weeks worth of food and leave some food on the shelves for our neighbors, and let’s take this time to spend time with family.


My Fibroid Story

Decision Time

Uterine Fibroids, you are on my raider. You have until the Summer 2020, your days are numbered. 


I am wearing my White Dress in honor of Uterine Fibroid Month (July 2019)

My Fibroid Story

I found out that I have Uterine Fibroids in October of 2018, but I am sure that I have had Fibroids (non-cancerous tumors that can be found on the Uterus) for a much long time. My Doctor told me that I had an 8 centimeter Fibroid and many smaller ones. I immediately asked for a solution and I got three: a Hysterectomy, a UFE or a Myomectomy. My Doctor said that the Myomectomy is the only option that preserves fertility, although you can have a baby after having a UFE. Of course a Hysterectomy is the most permanent option. She also suggested that I start taking Birth Control to help with the Bleeding.

I went home and resolve to give myself a year to decide on what I want to do, so I have spent 2019 doing research and trying more natural options like, eating a Plant-Based diet. I am proud to say that I am 90% Plant-Based at this time and I have felt some differences in my symptoms. For example, it looks like my nightly bloating days are over. I have also improved my energy levels and therefore my whole quality of life. The biggest difference is that I no longer have a pack on my back. Yes, I used to carry a backpack that had clothes and all kinds of supplies because I travel around the city for my job and you never know flooding will happen. My back is free!!!!

Share your story with me and other Women who need support

News With Compassion 2

News we can really use.

I want to hear from you and the things that are going on in your community, the successes of children and anything related to good news. Send your news to

All of the stories on here lead out to the original News Story. Click and read more. 

Southwestern Texas Synod

The Southwestern Texas Synod is collecting funds and items to help our Neighbors who cross the Border safely. They are partnered with Eagle Pass Ministries to provide food, clothing, shelter, meals and more to Families who are at their deepest time of need. 

Chris Tomlin-Is he Worthy

I love the imagery in this song. .

500,000 Kids could lose their school lunch.

Play-Based Kindergarten

I fully agree with State Rep. Victoria Sullivan, R-Manchester, children can learn while they play. Can you imagin the potential!!!! It all just has to be done in the right and proper way. Go Manchester!!!


Kenny Chesney signed his first record deal 26 year ago!!!

Kenny Chesney is one of my favorite Country Music singers. Sing on!!!!

There are six women running for President!!!

This is absolutely historic and exciting. There are six women running for President and they are all worth their salt!!!!

Wayfair employees protest, they do not want their furniture going to Detention Centers

The Police need your help finding the mother of a sweet baby Girl .

Liberia Exports Cassava to China

This is such good news for Liberia. The Economy will only thrive if Liberia starts to export more than it imports. 

Cambodian Childrens Fund saves a life!!

NGO’s save so many lives in 3rd world countries. Here is another beautiful story of a young girl who thought she would pick through trash for as long she was alive. 

Stop Bullying license Plate Contest

I was bullied when I was in school and it still affects me to this day. So anything that helps stop bullying is something I will support. 

10 year old climbs El Captain

Parkland Students honor Therapy Dogs in Year book.

Sydney Wilson is going to College at 14 years old!!!

Rabbi Goldstien's emotional recounting of deadly synagouge attack.

Alexander B. Cummings, standard bearer of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) on April 24, 2019, dedicated the Friends of Naatehn (FON) pure mineral water factory in Gbarma Statutory District, Gbarpolu County, Western Liberia.

Check out Princess Charlotte's new Pictures she is 4 years old

Welcome Guest Blogger.

My Fibroid Story by Kristina

I don’t really remember when it all began, but I knew back in my mid twenties my periods were painful from time to time. I thought it was the normal cramps, and it could have been, but sometimes the pain would keep me out of work and I couldn’t ever get comfortable. 
Fast forward at least 10 years to 2016and my periods were heavy, sometimes to the point where I’m doubling up on pads. I had broken my arm that year and ended up getting blood clots because of the major break. So I had to see a hematologist. Well, when I saw her for the clots, I found out I was anemic. So she put me on iron pills. I thought the anemia was just hereditary.
In 2017 I saw my obgyn and she put me on the mini pill for birth control. It lessened the bleeding a bit but, then I’d get my period about twice a month! And it didn’t really help with anything else. Sometimes while on the pill, my periods were heavy but not as heavy as before I was on the pill. But, they were still heavy. I also found out the iron pills weren’t working and I had to start getting iron infusions every 3-4 months. 
It was also in 2017 also that my period started controlling my life. A week before my period and while I had my period the pain would be so bad I couldn’t get any relief a lot of the time. No position was comfortable and I would have to miss family functions and get togethers with my friends and sometimes even work due to the pain from my period and with how much I would bleed sometimes. I thought this was something I was going to have to live with the rest of my life.
In the fall of 2018 I saw my obgyn and I had gained weight, especially in my abdominal area. I looked pregnant and my abdominal area was hard! I had an ultrasound done and found out I had 3 fibroids, one of which was very big. I didn’t know what fibroids were, so she explained to me what they were. We also talked about my different options for the fibroids and, since I was undecided about having kids, a hysterectomy sounded like the best thing for me.  But like I said, it was just an option then. 
Months went by and it’s May 3rd 2019. I laid down to go to bed and put my hands on my belly and felt this huge hard mass to the right of my belly button. It didn’t hurt, it just felt weird and it was something I hadn’t ever felt before.  I spent the majority of the night trying to google what it could be. I was so worried as to what it was, that I barely slept. The next day, that evening i gave in and went to urgent care. I ended up having a fever of 100.3 and with the hard lump, urgent care sent me to emergency. I was there for about 5 hours and even though nothing big happened while I was there, I did find out what that hard lump was. It was one of my fibroids. My biggest fibroid. It measured at least 11cm! The dr at the hospital told me I have the body of a skinny person except for my abdominal area. He also told me I looked like I was at least 5 months pregnant. I ended up having to go back to my obgyn and that’s when we decided and I was basically told, that I had to have a hysterectomy. That that was the best option for me, especially since I didn’t really want kids. So, we set my surgery date for June 27th 2019.
I worked at my job on restriction all the way up to my surgery date. I was very sad to be leaving my job to have this surgery and I was also very scared, as the only other time I ever had surgery was when I was 6 years old and I had my tonsils out. 
My parents, my boyfriend and my boyfriends mom were all there the morning of my surgery. They called me back for pre-anesthesia and I started crying when I got back there. They gave me something in my IV and they started taking me to the operating room and then I was out and I woke up in the hallway just outside of my hospital room with everyone around me. They had me use a walker to get from the bed they brought me up on, to my hospital room bed. I was told by my nurse that they had found more than 3 fibroids inside of me and at one point, they weren’t sure if they would have to do a vertical cut after already doing the horizontal cut because, of the size of my biggest fibroid. Idk if it had grown any more than 11cm but, I’m glad they did manage to get everything out thru the bikini cut. They also found endometriosis that they removed as well. I also got a pic of my biggest fibroid too! Nurses kept coming in and out of my room the rest of that day and I was so out of it,
I don’t remember much. I do remember though, that at one point that day, one of my nurses asked me if I wanted to get up and try walking and I said yes and we walked the entire hallway.
Every day in the hospital I would walk and I’d walk a little farther each time. I was given an abdominal binder to use to help with posture, pain and kinda holding things in place. My nurses told me I was doing good and my incision looked good and I was eating fine and passing gas just fine too. The morning I got discharged I pooped and I was so excited -haha I also found out that they hadn’t even given me any oxycodone since the day after my surgery, and there I was, 3 days after surgery in just little pain and soreness! I couldn’t believe it!
I am now home from the hospital and am 6 days post op from having my total abdominal hysterectomy, and leaving my ovaries. I’m sore and in some pain but, I just take Tylenol when needed and I push thru the rest. I do my walking and take blood thinners to prevent blood clots right now and I listen to my body and rest when I need to. My goal is to get back to work in 4 weeks even with restrictions. I have my post op appointment with my obgyn in less than 2 weeks and I should be cleared to drive then. I will also probably have to have atleast one more iron infusion due to my low iron from surgery but, hopefully after that, with the fibroids gone and no more periods, I hope to no longer be anemic. 
At almost 37 years old, I don’t regret having this surgery and i know as each day passes I’ll feel better and better and in the long run, i know it will be one of my best decisions. I’m very happy that I will finally have my life back and that it won’t be controlled by these fibroids anymore!
**Update: I am now 6 weeks post op and my incision is healing beautifully! I haven’t had my 6 week post op check yet but, at my 4 week post op check my obgyn said my stitches are still healing and things look good! I feel so much better, so much lighter, so much healthier, I am moving around a lot better than before my surgery and am more active! And I’ve lost more weight! Like I said before, I don’t regret this decision at all, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself!


All things Liberia

I am not sure how many Liberians live in America and how many live in Texas, but I know we are here and we are eternally grateful to America. I will explain Liberia’s connection to America in more detail in another video, but Liberia is one of the Counties that Freed Slaves went to when they left the United States after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed 1863.
Liberians were resettled in America during the 10+ years Civil war and we have contributed to America ever since. We celebrate Liberia’s Independence Day every year, and renew our goals to help the Country improve Educate, Health Care and Infrastructure.

These videos show pictures taken by Vivian Ward. Thank you Vivian.
Congratulations to the Graduates of 2019!!!

For those wishing for supporters and their family to be in Liberia for the protest and for negative outcomes of the protest:

Congratulatins LAGH

The President of LAGH Mr. Henry Kechula Congratulations

Your Announcement could be here too...

Captain Harr's Daughter

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Send me news about Liberians around the world and on the ground. send your news to

On the ground

Click her to read News from Front Page Africa

November 2020

My Dairy Free Pescatarian Life

The why, behind my Transition... Fibroids

So I have come to a decision...

I have come to the decision that I am not going to try and become a Vegan. I love eating fish and I am dairy free, but I am definitely going to be 90% plant based. 
Sometimes I miss eating beef, turkey and chicken , but I am not any where near craving it like I was when I first started. I am doing good. I think I will stay the course and stay healthy. 

Chili's Black Bean Fajita Plater was delicious!!!

This was delicious!

4 Ingredient Pancakes

These pancakes are delicious. They are made of Oatmeal, Bananas, eggs and Almond Milk, I added cinnamon for some extra flavor. 

I took some Vegan Nachos to work the other day and my co-workers loved it. My co-workers are like Doubting-Thomas when it comes to the Vegan Lifestyle, so the fact that they liked it, was a really big deal. I am looking forward to taking more Vegan options to our office parties. – 6/14/19

I ate at my first official Vegan Eatery

I had the plain cake donuts and it was delicious.!!!!.

This video is from Cheap Lazy Vegan

I want to make this!!! It looks delicious. 

No Meat!!

It has been two months since I ate meat and I am feeling good. I have cravings ones in a while when I see meat, but other than that, I am good! Baby steps work. -6/4/19

I am getting the hang of things.

I am slowly making my way to the Vegan lifestyle. I am still eating Sea Food at this time . The pic to the right is overnight oatmeal with nuts, cinnamon, and a banana. 

Meal Prepping

I made my spaghetti sauce with egg plant, sweet peppers, onion, spinach tomatoes and canned spaghetti sauce. I blended it all together and YUM!!!

I made some Breakfast Burritos from leftover potato, beans and egg casserole.

News with Compassion

The First Black Student to get a 4.5 GPA from St Thomas Prep Catholic School.

A 9 year old got a Kidney for his Mom!!

10 Year Old Math Genius

Send me some good news

Girl made 3-D side walk to help Peers

Boy lost 3 years has been found.

Read about the 8 year old chess champion

Update on A J Freund:Police went to A.J house 17 times before his death.

Pray for the People of Sri Lanka

A Houston Child has died after a fight outside of her Middle school.. Picture taken from ABC13

A.J Freund has been found dead and his Parents are in custody 




A.J Freund has been found dead and his Parents have been charged with his murder. 

A Job instead of a ticket

Gemoules, a high school resource officer with the Cahokia Police Department in Illinois had no reason to be kind to Baldwin, human compassion took over..

The Justice Department on Thursday released a redacted copy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, revealing some results of the nearly two-year investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia. Read it!!!

We can all have Health Insurance

We can all seriously have affordable Health Insurance

From one human to another, lets push to get this done!!!

Countries with Universal health care

There is currently no one definition for Universal Health Care, but there are some Countries that have tried it, click on the button to see the list. 

There is already a Blue-print

We can have a Private pay system and a Universal System all at the same time. We already have a blue-print for it. The major Health Insurance Companies already get money from the Government to pay for insurance for people with Disabilities. The only thing I would add to this is that  I don’t believe that  insurance should be free unless you have a Disability and you are unable to work.  

Everyone should be able to afford Health Care!!

Illegal Immigrants and Health Care

Again, I believe that everyone should have access to Health Care. If someone is in the Country illegally, but they can afford the cost of the local insurance they should be able to purchase it and get Health Care. Their status of being illegal in the Country, should not mean that they should die of a preventable disease. Immigration needs to do their job and catch people that are illegal and give them due process. There are many people living illegally in this country who work and pay taxes. 
Immigration due process and Health care are two separate systems. 

Dying for a better life

Children and Adults who have died in U.S Immigration Custody

Leviticus 19:33-34 “When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.”

Countless Men, Women and Children have died in ICE Custody. The names below do not even begin to scratch the surface.

Jakelin Caal

A 7 year old girl from Guatemala

Felipe Gómez Alonzo

8 Year old Boy

Mariee Juárez

19 Month old baby Girl

Zeresenay Ermias Testfatsion

34 of Eritrea

Roxana Hernández

a transgender woman from Hondura

Mergensana Amar

40 Year Old Russia National

Yulio Castro-Garrido

33, a Cuban national

Huy Chi Tran

47, died at a detention center in Arizona while awaiting deportation to Vietnam.

References/ Resources